Are Germs Lurking? 5 Places You Probably Neglect During Your Cleaning Routine

by Odessa Maids - February 25, 2019

cleaning routine

When you create a cleaning routine, you remember to clean the most used areas of the home. Do you get everything?

Germs and dust are everywhere. Time helps them grow and grow until you’ve got a think layer of dirt or grime in your home.

Dust and germs propagate in the places you forget to clean. When you create daily, weekly or monthly routines don’t forget these often overlooked spots. By making them part of your house cleaning list, you’re keeping it from getting out of control.

The last thing anyone wants is a guest to point out how dusty or dirty an area is.

1. Don’t Forget the Coffee Maker

You can’t start your day without that morning cup of java, but it might make you sick if the maker isn’t cleaned. You clean the pot and the filter regularly, but what about the water tank?

The water tank houses the water, but it can hold bacteria and mold. They grow in dark areas that are warm and wet. Sound like anywhere you know?

Give the tank a good scrubbing with soap and water. If you notice in any mold growing in a tank, use a solution of ¼ vinegar to ¾ water to kill it.

2. Clean Under and Behind Everything

When people clean, they tend to focus on what’s visible. You vacuum around the couch, but not under it. You’ll wash the refrigerator and mop around it, but what about under and behind it.

Clean under and behind most furniture and appliances at least every couple of weeks. You’ll be surprised how much dirt and garbage gets kicked under couches and behind the refrigerator.

You’ll find dust bunnies settled and created their own community behind the oven. Long live, Dust Bunnytopia.

Also, don’t forget to clean behind the toilet. Mold, bacteria, and who knows what else grows back there. 

3. Add Ceiling Fans to Your Cleaning Routine

We’ve all been there. The cold winter is over, and we’ve loved the mild spring, but now summer’s heat is stifling. We turn on the overhead ceiling fan and get hit with a deluge of dust and…OMG…is that a beetle.

When the ceilings fans aren’t in use, they become magnets for dust. If you don’t clean them, then dust build up and rockets off the blades when you first turn the fan on. You’ll also get the strands of hanger-on dirt that people can see when the blades turn.

All you need to do is take a wet cloth and go over each blade or use a duster.

4. Light Covers Are Insect Havens

You have several light covers in your home or office. They can be glass covering single bulbs or large plastic covers over fluorescent lights. When was the last time you looked inside them?

If you lift your head, you might see several small insects either crawling around or dead inside. They’re attracted to the lights and end up inside the covers. It’s where they die.

Depending on the last time you cleaned them, the covers can have a few insects or a few dozen. Unscrew or take down the covers and wash them in soap and water.

5. Don’t Forget the Backsplash

Your backsplash is the area behind your sinks and behind your counter space. It keeps liquids and other items from getting on your wall. You likely clean the sink and counters daily, but not the backsplash.

It collects dirt and grime from spilled food and soapy water. Use a kitchen cleaner on it when you clean the countertops

Look Around and See What Needs Clean

It’s not always easy to create a cleaning routine that considers all the little nooks and crannies, but it’s important everywhere gets cleaned.

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