Let’s Get Weird: The Top Weird Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

by Odessa Maids - April 22, 2019

cleaning tips

Growing up, it seems that our parents and grandparents had all the cleaning tips and tricks needed to get rid of just about every stain and smell known to man. Now we rely on everyday household cleaners and get frustrated when we don’t see results.

Knowing how to utilize things you have around the house to get rid of those odors and dingy spots will not only make cleaning fun, but it will allow you to see all those common items as household cleaning elements.

Dryer Sheets Aren’t Just for Laundry

Dryer sheets serve more of a purpose than one might think. Even though they’re intended to be added to laundry to keep clothes soft and unwrinkled, they can do a number of other jobs well too.

Using dryer sheets to clean baseboards is a great way to repel dust. This will not only remove current residue, but it will help keep dirt from settling on them again.

Another great use for dryer sheets is to put them with your air conditioner unit. After a while, you’ll notice that your unit might get a smell to it. You can tape a dryer sheet to the front of your unit for a few hours to enhance the smell of your home.

Banish Water Rings from Wood Furniture

Have you ever forgotten to put a coaster under your drink only to find the ring of water left behind? Don’t let a missing coaster ruin your furniture.

Mix olive oil with salt and apply said concoction to the water rings on your wood furniture. Leave it alone for a bit, and when you return, your favorite coffee table will be as good as new!

Shaving Cream Is Good for More Than Shaving

Remember when you were in elementary school, and your teacher would have you clean your desk with shaving cream at the end of the year? Take that trick and apply it to your bathroom cleaning routine.

Apply shaving cream to your bathroom mirror and wipe with a cloth. This little trick helps the mirror to defog after you take a shower.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Have you ever thought that the thing you use to clean with, also needs to be cleaned? You can clean both your dirty sponge and your microwave in one fail swoop.

Fill a bowl with water and place it in your microwave on high heat. The steam from the water will help lift any tough to remove food debris. Once finished, you can easily wipe the inside of the microwave with the sponge. Then, to get rid of the bacteria on the sponge, rinse it and put it back in the microwave on high heat.

Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life

Gone are the days when you have to spend hours and hour getting rid of those hard to clean stains or finding yourself on your hands and knees working your fingers to the bone. With these cleaning tips, you’ll get hours back in your day, and you’ll be able to utilize other household items to keep your home in perfect condition.

You can even impress your guests with your new found cleaning techniques by brushing up on all the latest and greatest quick cleaning guide.