Taking Tips from Marie Kondo: The Top Marie Kondo Organizing Tips We Swear By

by Odessa Maids - April 15, 2019

marie kondo organizing

Which tiny Japanese lady is changing the world one closet at a time?

That would be Marie Kondo, who is the face of the spark joy or Konmari method. She just put out a series on Netflix, which took the world by storm in January.

If you’re interested in the Marie Kondo Organizing hype but need more information, we’ve got it for you below.

The Konmari Basics

If you haven’t had the chance to read her book or watch her Netflix show yet, that’s okay. We’re going to give you the gist of her organizing method and tips in this article.

Her organizing style is not something you can just dip your toe into – each step requires a purge. But you can take some time between the steps if that helps.

Learn where to start, below.

Step 1: Envision What You Want Your House to Look Like

If you didn’t have kids or if everyone did their chores, what would your house look like? What would the energy be like? Take some time imagining this perfect reality in your mind. Let that be what drives you during the rest of the process.

Marie Kondo Organizing Step 2: Learn the Steps

Once you’ve imagined your house the way you want it, you need to mentally prepare yourself for what you’re about to do. Basically, you’re going to work in 5 categories: starting with clothes and ending with sentimental items.

In each category, you’re going to take absolutely everything that belongs and put it in a pile in one place. This is the idea that you’re hiding how much you really have from yourself.

You really do have a lot of clothes, even if you always feel like you have nothing to wear (or read, etc).

Once everything is in a pile, you’re going to pick one thing up and ask if it sparks joy. Hold it in your hand and ask if it gives you pleasure.

If it doesn’t, it goes away.

Does it Spark Joy?

This is a weird concept for most people, so Marie herself recommends finding something you really love and noting the feeling you get when you hold it.

That may be your favorite dress, an expensive pair of shoes, or whatever you love in the category you’re working in.

If you pick up the next thing and you don’t get even traces of that feeling, it doesn’t spark joy. Make a pile for what doesn’t and take it to charity.

If it does spark joy, you can keep it – and you must hang it up nicely. Or fold it using Kon Mari folding.

Step 3: Attack Your Home in This Order

Now that you know what to do, the official Konmari order is

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers (receipts, notes, etc)
  • Komono¬†(Miscellaneous)
  • Sentimental Items

Without a doubt, Komono is the biggest category. You really should make some time to watch the show, if you want to wrap your head around the concept better.

Starting Your Marie Kondo Organizing Journey

The idea of Marie Kondo Organizing is that when you really love what you have, you’ll treat it better. Those items will last longer and you’ll remember that you really have enough in your life, even when you get rid of things.

If you need help cleaning all your newly empty spaces, you know where to find us.