How do you determine rates?

by Odessa Maids - August 6, 2017

Our maid service plans are based on the average time it takes to clean a home of your size.  If the home is not found in an “Average” condition and takes more than an extra hour to clean we reserve the right to bill for the extra time at an hourly rate.


The average size of a job tends to be the same in similar size houses. The size is determined by the number of bedroom and bathrooms. Please note that non-traditional homes or irregular spaces may be not “average” and require more or less time to clean.


The more frequent your cleaning, and the more familiar the team is with your home the less time it will take to complete, so your charge is less. Thus recurring service such a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (every 4 weeks) maid service will cost less than a first time or one-time cleaning.


Our rates, our guarantee and our dedication to you remain the same whether you book us for a one-time cleaning or sign up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service.